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Wines by Holiday

The pairings to follow should be used as only a guide for your holiday celebration. Wine is subjective and the best pairing is the one that tastes the best to YOU!

Wine and Turkey Pairings

Red Wines - Pinot Noir is long recognized as the work horse of wines. Its typical subtle earth undertones and often mushroom and cranberry inspired flavors with tend to pair well with the natural flavors of turkey. Looking for a heartier red wine? Try one of the fuller bodied Zinfandels or Syrahs featured on this page.

White Wines - More than just a household summer-time favorite, Pinot Grigio is designed to handle garlic, onions and herbs. Other white wines that could also stand the test of turkey are Sauvignon Blanc for mineral undertones, or a Riesling. Whether these wines are dry or sweet, the innate flavors of apple, apricot, honey and acidity will pair perfectly with your Grandmother's famous sweet potatoes.

Sparkling Wines - This may be Uncorked's favorite combination yet! Rose and sparkling wines are the perfect bridge for a crowd with an indifference to the red or white debate. Consider the sparklings that are drier; they will be more versatile for pairing and have slightly more flavor than a brut.

Wine and Ham Pairings

Red Wines - Ham has a lighter, sweet flavor as do the sauces that typically go along with it. Take caution not to choose a heavy red wine that will drown out the flavor. The best combination here is a gentle, light, semi-sweet wine, Pinot Noir again meets this need! A red wine with red berry, cherry and truffles is an easy match.

White Wines - Ham with a honey glaze will pair perfectly with another one of our Pinot warriors - Pinot Grigio! This fruit wine with a golden apple and honey nose typically shows a ripe pear flavor. If your ham has any kind of honey or apricot glaze, Riesling is the obvious choice. Choose a bone-dry Riesling with enough acidity to clear the palate. A Vouvray may also be a good decision.

Wine and Lamb Pairings

Red Wines - At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Uncorked recommends Pinot Noir as the most versatile selection for this protein, taking into consideration a multitude of preparations. Taking it one step further though, we recommend a French Burgundy. If your Lamb recipe involves a heavy amount of spice or sauce, try moving up to a Merlot, Cabernet or a Zinfandel.

White Wines - Alsace inspired wines are the best with Lamb. Alsatian Pinot Gris have great weight and richness and the backbone to balance with this red meat.

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