Shipping Restrictions

Age Requirements/Restrictions

You must be at least 21 years of age to order alcoholic beverages. In addition, all shipments of alcoholic beverages within the United States require an adult's signature at the time of delivery.

Uncorked arranges for shipment on behalf of our clients, to an address specified by our client, provided that Uncorked Wine Consulting, Inc. in its sole judgement believes that such shipment will not subject Uncorked to the risk of any form of legal action.

Shipping Limited to North Carolina

We regret to share that at this time, shipping for is limited only to North Carolina. is actively pursuing licenses for both VA and WV.  Please continue to check back for updates on these States. 

Shipping laws for Wine Retailers is vastly different than those for wineries.  At this time, there are only three truly "open" States into which any retailer can ship without a permit: AK, DC and Puerto Rico and eight States which have actual repository laws IF a permit is obtained (for each individual State): ND, LA, NE, NH, VA, WV, NV and WY.  

Essentially, consumers are restricted to ordering wine from a retailer within his / her home (shipping) State.  Change will only come once consumers push back on their State lawmakers and demand that wine be treated like any other retail good.  A suggestion would be for States to make modifications that either allow for out-of-state retailers to ship into the State for a license fee or allow shipments from out-of-state retailers but require the collection and remittance of sales tax to each respective State.